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"You work better broken" - DT Shack

Known by many as a passionate and energetic inspirational speaker, DT has created his brand as an impactful leader with an astounding desire to motivate youth and young adults worldwide. DT humbly accepts his mission in life as a “servant leader.” He has been able to speak to several entities including church organizations, athletic programs, non-profit and for-profit corporations as well as a plethora of educational platforms surrounding the morals and values of academic competency. While only 27, several practitioners and educators have bragged about his ability to move students with his vibrant personality and encapsulating message about overcoming adversity with a mentality to never quit.

Being a first-generation college student, DT has made it a personal obligation to become a trailblazer for those coming behind him. Growing up without a biological father present, he was faced with tough challenges and would later lose his father to a heart attack in the 10th grade. DT’s step-father was present and raised him from a young age. Through him, DT learned what it meant to be resilient and overcome obstacles. Being a 10th-grade dropout and spending a considerable amount of time in prison, DT’s step-father was constantly defined and relegated to the term “convicted felon.” Due to past unfortunate experiences, he is driven the most to inspire youth worldwide to use their adversity as motivation to achieve success. Destined to establish himself as a leader, DT would go on to receive a football scholarship from The University of Mississippi, where he was able to accomplish great feats, both on and off of the field of play. Plagued by two devastating ACL injuries, DT understood that it was imperative to not become defined by athletic ability but rather by his relentless pursuit towards education. While the statistics of becoming a failure were stacked against him, he has responded by traveling around the world encouraging others to not only beat the odds but redefine the odds that have been so strongly projected onto them.

DT has received national honors for his service to the community, such as the Wuerffel Trophy (2014) and the Algernon Sydney Sullivan award (2015) which both are given out annually to individuals who display exemplary character and servanthood. Approaching the completion of his Doctoral degree in Higher Education, DT feels it is his responsibility to break the barriers of mediocrity through his scholarly pursuits and inspire youth and young adults worldwide to “passionately turn their dreams into reality!”

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