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Uncovering Dreams, Overcoming Adversity


If you can DREAM your way through adversity, you Will arrive at your destination of  SUCCESS

Universal Motivator & Doctoral Candidate



Thank you, DT Shackelford!

I learned a lot about life lessons from you, and it made me rethink about some of my choices. I have changed the way I did homework because I usually procrastinate (like other students do, it's common), but this time I put my effort into my homework, which had a quiz afterward. I felt like I did my best on the quiz! Looking back, I once failed my first written driving test and saw that I had used (p)HUSTLE to pass the second time I took the test. I turned my "no..." into a "YES!" I appreciate your time teaching this lesson in class and making us laugh. If you were a teacher, you would be an amazing teacher who can motivate students like Ms. Coburn. Some students usually give up halfway there but don't realize how much they have accomplished and how much they would waste. Please come back and teach us more!

Thank you again, 

Satong / Oak Grove High School, California

Hi DT,


A big THANK YOU to you and your beautiful wife for coming in and speaking to my students. They had a blast (as you could see). It's always nice to have someone young who is motivational and knows how to speak and read an audience in my classroom, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to come out here and plant some big seeds.


Some students wanted to thank you personally, so I recorded their responses below. I hope you enjoy reading them and knowing that you made a difference in their day (and possibly their life)

Tara / Teacher and Program Director

Hey, I felt so uplifted and in a way better mood, taking away the message of Don't give up and "You gotta learn how to function in an uncomfortable place." I was stressed out about not being able to juggle family with homework and I was bitter, and was going to give up on finishing all my homework. But your words, "Don't give up" were repeated in my head again and again. "Refuse to give up." And, turns out I skipped an afternoon nap, took care of my family and Went at the books until the next morning. I'll be saying the phrase to myself constantly, Thanks to you!

Cindy / Future Entrepreneur

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